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Alternative Investment 2023

Some Tax Deductible Investments Survived The Inflation Reduction Act 

Ask About A 1031 Exchange If You Need One

Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas Investing

Each Class B Unit Holder may be eligible to benefit from any available tax incentive for oil and gas drilling programs such as intangible drilling costs, depreciation and depletion allowances. Electing to be a general partner may allow partners to offset their non-passive (or active) taxable income provided from other sources with the tax deductions available from investing in oil and gas wells.

This discussion is intended only to highlight potential tax benefits of an investment in the partnership and does not constitute tax advise. A discussion of tax consequences associated with an investment in the partnership is in the Private Placement Memorandum under “Certain U.S. Federal Income Tax Considerations.”

Diversify Your Portfolio with

Alternative Investing

Investors are asking us about what is coming around the corner in real estate, bitcoin, ESG-focused investing, and oil and gas.

We are now at the beginning of record-high prices and premiums paid out in the commodities and oil and gas market.

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